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The detached house is the most versatile type of house with the greatest individual scope in terms of planning and design. At Hanse Haus, you can choose between four different detached house variants, which differ in their roof shape. Would you like to browse through our proposal designs first, regardless of the roof shape? You will find an overview of all our detached houses here.

A detached house can be so individual

All house types at a glance

Let our house proposals inspire you to create your very own home. Our planning model means that existing houses can be adapted or completely individually planned.

If you prefer to look at the floor plans directly, without the exterior view and roof shape playing a role, we have compiled all our detached house floor plans for you, sorted by size.

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Reasons for building a detached house

Single-family homes:

Single-family homes – advantages at a glance

  • Maximum flexibility in planning
  • More privacy and peace
  • Optimal orientation
  • Own garden around the house

The single-family home

A single family house consists of a residential unit in which people live together in a common household. Although semi-detached houses also fulfil this criteria, detached houses are more commonly meant.

Single-family houses are often built with several storeys. However, they can also be built as single-storey bungalows.

Grauer Hintergrund mit Überlagerung

Detached houses: Advantages


You as the builder can plan your own single-family home in such a way that it suits you and your everyday life perfectly. Only the conditions on the plot of land, the regulations of the state building code and possibly the development plan provide some guidelines as how to proceed.

Freely according to your ideas (and with your budget in mind), you can determine the architecture of your detached home, the size of the living space, the number of storeys, the shape of the roof, extensions, equipment and design, energy efficiency level and type of heating, and give your home a new character.

Unlike in apartment buildings or semi-detached houses, there is no need to make arrangements with other parties, so you can be completely flexible and implement your own special wishes.


Although there are some advantages to living next door to friends or family in a semi-detached house, or having tenants live in the house with you, these options come with a high degree of mutual respect.

If you opt for a detached single family house, the physical distance to the nearest neighbours ensures a lot of peace and privacy in the house, on the patio and in the garden. Conversely, the distance creates freedom for the residents of the detached house. The neighbours hear less of the playing children, long barbecues or piano lessons.


Detached homes are, if possible, aligned in such a way that they benefit as much as possible from the course of the sun. This creates optimal conditions for a photovoltaic system and the sun’s rays provide warmth and brightness to the house. A south or south-west facing living area is flooded with light during the day. And you can plan the patio so that you can enjoy the afternoon and evening sunshine there. If there is enough distance to the neighbouring house, the shadow cast by it is not a problem either.

In the case of a semi-detached or multi-family home, the orientation of the living units may be dictated by the building complex. And windows must be cleverly planned. In a semi-detached house, for example, windows cannot be placed on one side of the house due to the shared wall.


The dream of owning your own home often goes hand-in-hand with owning your own garden around the house. In contrast to a house with several residential units, the garden of a single-family home does not have to be shared and gives the house’s occupants a lot of freedom.

Even on a small plot, clever house planning can create a beautiful garden area. It is worth choosing a compact structure and building upwards in order to keep the footprint of the house smaller.


Be inspired by our detached house floor plans

Detached house floor plans

Spacious or compact, on a floor slab or with a basement, with a gable roof or flat roof. Detached houses are versatile and can be planned flexibly.

We have designed numerous floor plans for our builder-owners that can serve as inspiration for your detached house. After a detailed needs analysis, we will plan your house exactly the way you want it.



Fertighaus Bungalow von Hanse Haus

Lots of living comfort in a single-storey detached house


Bungalows, which house one residential unit, are also classified as detached houses. Bungalows are characterised by the fact that all living spaces are arranged on one level.

Do you have a lot of space on your property and would like to live spaciously on one floor? Perhaps you are already thinking about accessibility in old age or find a home without stairs simply practical for your family? Then a bungalow is just the right thing for you!