Choose the home fixtures for your Hanse Haus prefabricated house easily and with the best advice

Home fixtures
and sampling

What would it be like if you didn’t have to drive from one speciality store to the next to choose fixtures for your home, but could find all the products and details in one place? That would be easy, wouldn’t it?

This is precisely the service we offer you at our Fixture Centre in Oberleichtersbach in Lower Franconia. Here, you can find out about current home trends, be inspired by different home design styles, and choose all the details for your new home in peace.

So that you can enjoy this exciting day fit and well rested, we invite you – should you need to undertake a longer journey – to stay overnight in a cosy hotel, e.g. at the Bavarian state-run spa of Bad Brückenau. The next morning, we look forward to welcoming you – fortified after a good breakfast – at our Fixture Centre.

This is how homebuilding starts in a totally relaxed way.



Selection of your home fixtures with the best advice from real professionals

Home fixtures & sampling

Your personal Hanse Haus fixture consultant will be happy to assist you with the selection of your home fixtures. Together with your consultant, you can discuss the current state of house planning and decide on all the details of your home’s fixtures.

Sampling takes place at our Fixture Centre at Hanse Haus’s company headquarters in Oberleichtersbach. Here, you can choose from windows, doors, floors and bathroom fixtures on display in a space of over 1,800 square metres.

Choosing home fixtures with all the senses

Choose with all your senses: at Hanse Haus, you will not only see the materials in their natural state but can also touch, compare and combine them quickly. In this way you can immediately see if your new favourite floor matches the wallpaper you want, or if the colour of the roof tiles harmonises with the exterior render.

It’s totally different to choosing from a catalogue.

Hanse Haus’s fixture consultants are real construction professionals who not only have extensive theoretical knowledge but also just as much practical experience. They provide valuable tips on interior design, styles and home trends, advise on the choice of materials, colours or products, and are there for you until you can say:

“My perfect home”.

For special areas such as electrical planning, technical installations and heating system, we can quickly and easily invite our in-house experts from the respective fields for a consultation.

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A large Show Home Park is located right next to our Hanse Haus Homebuilders’ Centre in Oberleichtersbach in northern Bavaria, where you can choose the fixtures for your prefabricated house. Visit seven different show homes, be inspired by our various house ranges and receive competent advice from our highly trained staff.
Before planning your prefabricated house, you can get an overview of the excellent fixtures for Hanse Haus prefabricated houses, featuring products of well-known manufacturers. Contact us and make an appointment immediately for a free guided preliminary sampling.

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