Smart home technology with state-of-the-art smart home solutions at Hanse Haus: clever homes for more everyday comfort

Multimedia & smart home technology

Safe in your own home with the right smart home technology

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The issue of home security is as important to us as it is to you.

A prefabricated smart home reliably protects its inhabitants from unwanted guests and warns of fire, smoke or storms.

The combination of specially developed security modules and the universal smart home modules even makes it possible for you to be notified directly on your smartphone in the event of an alarm – automatically, from your intelligent Hanse Haus prefabricated house.

Presence simulation

For example, while relaxing with your family on holiday, your smart home will simulate your presence and keep unwanted guests away. Lighting and shading are switched on as if you were actually at home.

Alarm automatically active

If you leave your smart home, it automatically switches to security mode.

Immediately informed when it matters

In the event of an alarm – whether burglary, fire or water – you can be alerted immediately by a call or SMS.

Panic button

A button next to the bed triggers an alarm: bright flashing lights, raised blinds and lights on – a nightmare for burglars.

Use existing components

Existing smart home components such as motion detectors, which can serve as alarm sensors, can be used to implement a full-fledged alarm system.

Protection from fire, water and storms

Your smartphone recognises water ingress, fire, storms and more, and reacts or alerts you immediately

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Smart home technology for the optimal utilisation of your energy-saving potential

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Our Hanse Haus smart home solutions will also help you save energy.

For example, state-of-the-art technical installations ensure that standby devices are switched off – automatically and on their own.

At the same time, your intelligent home measures and visualises electricity consumption and reveals energy-saving potential and power guzzlers in your home.

Connected to a photovoltaic system with power storage, your smart home demonstrates its full potential: your washing machine can detect whether electricity is being produced by your photovoltaic system or if there is enough electricity in the storage system. Only then does the wash cycle begin. Does the weather forecast rule out any hope for more sunshine today? Your smart home recognises this and starts the washing machine immediately.

Optimise energy consumption

Use self-generated electricity when the photovoltaic system is supplying it, for example, to do laundry or operate the dishwasher.

Nobody home

With a triple-click on any light switch in the room, you can turn off the lights throughout the entire house, switch off power guzzlers and lower the temperature.

Uncover energy-saving potential

With the statistics function, you can record and visualise the data on your devices and thus identify energy-saving potential.

Self-learning heating

The heating system learns how long it takes to bring a room up to temperature. This means that the house is heated with pinpoint accuracy and no unnecessary energy is consumed.

Make optimal use of solar energy

Use the sun’s energy to bring your rooms up to a comfortable temperature. In the morning, for example, they are shaded only when the rooms have reached the desired temperature.

Standby killer

With the push of a button, you can easily switch off all power-guzzling standby devices.

Improve your living comfort with smart home solutions

Tip 3

Your smart home makes more out of your home. It also supports you with simple and everyday things at home. Whether turning your lights on or off, controlling your electric roller shutters, displaying room temperatures on your controls or creating lighting scenarios for a cosy evening watching TV with the family – all features are always close at hand.

Your smart home can be custom-configured and also features an intelligent self-learning mode.


Children like to press buttons that they shouldn’t. The childproofing function in your Hanse Haus smart home protects you against unpleasant surprises.

Automatic mode

Your shading knows what to do and when. The controller adapts to the position of the sun: in the morning it closes the roller shutters on the east side for cool rooms, and in the afternoon the west side is shaded.

Remote control

Use your smartphone from anywhere

For example, with the app for smartphones and tablets you can easily pre-heat the oven before you get home.

Single room occupancy

The right temperature in every room and at any time of the day: your smart home will take care of it for you automatically.

Features can be combined

All functions and operations in your smart home can be combined with each other.

It permanently collects information from all sensors, switches and motion detectors and relays it to the home automation system.

Lighting scenarios for every situation

20:15: Prime-time television. By pushing the button next to the couch, a cinema ambience reigns in the living room.

Windows closed, roller shutters down, lights dimmed Perfect!

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Radio Lautsprecher als Smart Home Ausstattung in einem Fertighaus

Our Hanse Haus smart home solutions come directly from renowned manufacturers.


When building your prefabricated home with Hanse Haus, you can also rely on our good choice of partners. You can choose light switches, motion detectors, the home network and multimedia solutions from branded manufacturers such as Bush-Jäger or Homeway. We install the smart home technology of our partner Loxone.

VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus

Take a look at a prefabricated home from Hanse Haus where we have already implemented smart home solutions.

Smart home

At the Prefabricated House World in Günzburg, you will find our Variant 35-172 show home, which was awarded the Certificate for Sustainability, the GSBC Gold Standard. Come and see for yourself how energy efficient and practical a smart home with a photovoltaic system can be.