Small plot, spacious home

Terraced House 118 Variant 3

An additional storey or a basement offer the opportunity to make the best possible use of the available space and create more.

In this planning variant of the Terraced 118, the pitch of the gable roof has been increased and a dwarf gable has been added to the garden side. This creates an additional storey with recreation rooms and versatile uses. The dwarf gable provides headroom and its large window surfaces allow in plenty of light to another children’s bedroom, a guest room and study or a fitness and hobby room, as well as additional storage space up to the level of the slanting roof slopes.

Roof form Pitched roof
Roof inclination40°
Jamb wall50
Living space153,15 m²
Base area171,73 m²
Number of floors2,5

Special features
& extras:

May planning options

Terraced 118 is also available in a planning variant 1, a planning variant 2 and a planning variant 4. 

Floor plan

Get an impression of this house through the floor plans. We will show you our planning suggestions, which of course can be customised on request.

Ground floor
Upper floor

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